Our life is beautiful, it has its own color, moods, feelings … And our pets are doing an even brighter and deeper. They love us like no one else, they teach us to be kinder, more tolerant, better. They become an integral part of our lives.

When we make a decision to purchase pet, we know that the day will come when we will have to say godless to him. Because, unfortunately, their life span is shorter than ours. We can hardly get through the pet’s loss, because they gave their love without expecting anything in return, will make our lives richer and brighter. They loved us as no one taught to be tolerant, affectionate, better. They were our family members.

When the pet’s last day of his farewell, we wish to extend the memory moments with a desire for wish he would be next to us. Today, we have the responsibility to decide. We understand that pet burial in your garden or a nearby park, we harm to themselves, their neighbours and the environment, as there is a risk of contamination of carcasses poisons contaminating groundwater.

Therefore, established Ltd. CREMO, that provides pet funeral services by offering the cremation. Cremation is modern, this delicate and private solution of today.

Anna Jesereviča