Cremation is a type of funeral rite where the animal’s remains are incinerated and turned into ash. Burial is an alternative to cremation, but the animal’s remains will take longer to decompose and there are risks that toxins resulting from decomposition will leach into groundwater, and serious diseases may be released into the atmosphere infecting both humans and animals. One illness, for example, is anthrax, which can spread if old pet burial grounds are disturbed during excavation. Burial grounds can retain negative energy for a long time, especially if the grounds are impersonal and neglected.

Cremation is a hygienic way of eradicating disease. Many purifying rituals are performed with the help of fire. In many parts of the world, cremation is the only acceptable funeral rite for both humans and animals.  Individual cremation is the highest form of gratitute you can show your pet for being with you and serving you over a lifetime.

Upon receiving the ashes, you may scatter them in your pet’s favorite places. Or, to honour your pet, you may set the ashes under a beautiful plant or tree which will delight your heart for a long time, because you are giving your pet’s energy and strength to the plant. The ashes may also be kept in a special urn in your home.

Individual cremation is the most expensive form of funeral ritual. In the case of common, or group, cremation, the pet owner will not receive the pet’s ashes. This is also a form of honouring your pet in gratitude for the time spent with you.

In a common cremation, several domestic animals may be cremated together. The ashes are held for a time at the crematorium, then disposed of as per Latvia’s regulations. Common cremations are the most affordable form of funeral ritual.

At our crematorium, all animals are inventoried, weighed, registered and reported annually to the Latvian State Environmental Agency, and procedures are overseen by the Latvian Food and Veterinary Service.

We guarantee that your choice of pet cremation service will be honoured. We will also honour the pet owner’s wishes to have the pet’s remains cremated either individually or with others.